Automatic sprinkler systems by Bengtson Landscape

Adequate and consistent hydration are essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. Let David Bengtson design and install the right system for you.

Nothing is more important to maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden than an automatic sprinkler system. A well designed, efficient irrigation system – installed by Bengtson Landscape — applies exactly the amount of water needed by your landscape. In the long run, automatic sprinkler systems save you time, and even money. You don’t have to worry about moving the hose, overwatering one area and underwatering another, or forgetting to turn off the hose. Out of town or on the go – a sprinkler system that uses specific products designed to water grass, trees, shurbs or garden plants – does the watering for you. Bengtson Landscape’s David Bengtson, a specialist in irrigation systems, uses proper installation techniques and factors property size, type of landscaping, number of zones, products used and special designs in pricing each system. Contact Bengtson Landscape for a free sprinkler system consultation.