Landscape Design

    Landscape design, or arranging outdoor space, is part of what makes living in a home enjoyable. When done well, it also greatly increases a home’s value. The best landscape designers listen carefully to their clients to determine the look, feel and function they want for their yard and garden, then consider everything from the position of the house relative to the sun, the types of plants and trees that will thrive, ground cover and paving, outdoor living spaces, water features, electrical and lighting needs and water lines and sprinkler systems. There are budgets to consider and the homeowner’s ability – and desire – to care for plants.The best landscape designers put that all together into a plan – then bring it to life with the best foliage and products. It’s not easy, and not every landscape designer is created equal. But it’s exactly what Bengtson Landscape’s David Bengtson has been doing for his Central Arkansas clients every day for the last two decades. His carefully planned designs, crafted after hearing customer’s thoughts and ideas – are individualized and unique to your home or business.